Tips For Deworming Your Cat Naturally

Written by  Alex Sherman
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Cat_deworming_naturallyA couple of weeks ago a good friend of mine moved in to our home. Our home, unlike many others I know of, is hectic and crazy. We have a growing vegetable garden in the backyard complete with five chickens, three dogs, some fish, a ton of plants to take care of, and four people. So you can imagine the crazy couple of weeks we have had having a new person and a cat join our clan.

With a household like ours we have all, including the animals, been trained to easily adapt to new situations and work together. With the addition of Charlene and Zoey (her adorable cat) we expected some horrible confrontations with the dogs to be an almost daily occurance. To our surprise the dogs love Zoey and she returns it with constant chasing through the house and entertainment for all. However, we did have one little problem that we are hoping is now under control- worms. So in doing research we found a great article we wanted to share with all of you by ehow user lynnp. Enjoy!

Unless your cat is an indoor cat only, and the other pets in the home are also, it is likely your cat has recurrent episodes of round worms. You can detect these worms as you may see tiny white flecks around the anus, in the cat's feces and she or he may also have a problem with vomiting up food.

Cats who are taken to the vet are usually given pills to kill the worms, but one of the problems is that the cat will sometimes vomit up the pill. There is a natural way to treat a cat with worms, and it is very effective. It may take a few repeated doses to ensure that the cycle of eggs hatching gets addressed as well as the adult worms.

This is a remedy that can be used every day for as long as it is needed, but usually the problem is noticeably gone after the second or third day. You will never have to be concerned about forcing pills or other medicine into your cat again, and this can be given regularly so there will never be a reoccurance. This can also work with your dog and many other animals.


Find a garden center or plant nursery that sells FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth. It is also known as FOSSIL SHELL FLOUR. It is used by gardeners, horticulturists, farmers, breeders and many others as both a dietary aid for minerals, as a dewormer and for fleas and insect control both in agriculture and other applications. Make sure that it is FOOD GRADE. Do NOT purchase it from a swimming pool supply store as that kind has things added to it, is toxic, is meant for pool filters and is not manufactured for consumption.

  • Mix approximately 1/2 tsp in a can of wet food. It is essentially without taste, and pets do not seem to mind or notice it.
  • Mix this in with the pet's dog or cat food for four days in a row. If the pet usually eats dry pet food, you can mix the diatomaceous earth into a supplemental treat, such as tuna, ground canned chicken or whatever the pet will really enjoy. Even if your pet were switched to a wet pet food for a few days for the purpose of the deworming, it would not hurt her (him) unless there was a diet restriction.
  • Wait about another two weeks and do the treatment again, after the first period is up. After that you can treat either when and if you see a problem, or add it to their food once a month.
  • See my other eHow articles on diatomacious earth for flea and insect control. There is also a lot of information online about this product, and it's applications are many, both for pets and for your yard and garden. It is very worthwhile to find out more about this and how it can benefit you.

Tips & Warnings

Diatomacious earth comes in a small box or bag, and looks and feels like fine white flour. It is the ground up skeletons of a teeny sea creature called a diatom that settled in layers in the bottom of our oceans over millions of years. The action of this product is mechanical, not chemical, in that it does not hurt the animal at all, but on a microscopic level it damages the outer covering of insects and worms to the point where they die. It is suitable as a supplement for human consumption, and there are many testimonials to that effect for a variety of physical complaints due to the mineral components of it. For that reason it is also excellent as a plant food.

Repeated and heavy breathing of this fine dust is not recommended. To ensure proper use of this material, read the instructions on the box carefully. It is safe around pets and children, as it is completely non-toxic.

Alex Sherman

Alex Sherman

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